SCOP classification
Class: Alpha and beta proteins (a/b)
Fold: TIM beta/alpha-barrel
Superfamily: Metallo-dependent hydrolases
Family: PP1699/LP2961-like

Family Members
Domain: d2dvxd_ of protein: Thermophilic reversible gamma-resorcylate decarboxylase from Species: Rhizobium sp. MTP-10005 [TaxId: 267998]
Domain: d2gwgb_ of protein: 4-oxalomesaconate hydratase LigJ from Species: Rhodopseudomonas palustris [TaxId: 1076]
Domain: d2ffib_ of protein: Putative 2-pyrone-4,6-dicarboxylic acid hydrolase PP1699 from Species: Pseudomonas putida [TaxId: 303]
Domain: d4ig2b_ of protein: 2-amino-3-carboxymuconate 6-semialdehyde decarboxylase NbaD from Species: Pseudomonas fluorescens [TaxId: 294]
Domain: d2f6kb_ of protein: Putative amidohydrolase LP2961 from Species: Lactobacillus plantarum [TaxId: 1590]

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