SCOP classification
Class: Alpha and beta proteins (a+b)
Fold: FAD-binding/transporter-associated domain-like
Superfamily: FAD-binding/transporter-associated domain-like
Family: FAD-linked oxidases, N-terminal domain

Family Members
Domain: d1wvfa2 of protein: automated matches from Species: Pseudomonas putida [TaxId: 303]
Domain: d2vaob2 of protein: Vanillyl-alcohol oxidase from Species: Fungus (Penicillium simplicissimum) [TaxId: 69488]
Domain: d2bvhd2 of protein: 6-hydroxy-d-nicotine oxidase from Species: Arthrobacter nicotinovorans [TaxId: 29320]
Domain: d1f0xb2 of protein: D-lactate dehydrogenase from Species: Escherichia coli [TaxId: 562]

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